Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taylor's First Birthday Party!

Tonight was the big birthday party! Philip and Collette Burch came along with a friend from church ~ Grace, and her two kids.

Everything went fine, but I couldn't have told you that two hours before it started! Those who know me, know that I procrastinate. Now, most of the time, this is used to my advantage, and I get everything done in a short amount of time, by the right time! Of course, I drive everyone else crazy in the process (namely, my husband)!! I thought I was planning ahead and I got a few things done the last several days, but obviously not enough! I ran around crazy today, trying to get things done. Let's see...laundry, cleaning, taking care of kids, baking then decorating a cute, little cake....and that's where everything turned from bad to worse! You know, in my mind, these things don't take very long, but in reality... So I went to bake my cake this morning (which I was going to do last night, but that's a different story!), and realized I needed more eggs, so I had to run into town. That takes a good 45 minutes round trip. So I get back, bake my cakes (a 3-D Wilton Rubber Ducky mold and a 10" round) and think things are right on target! Yeah, when I pulled the one pan off the duck, it's wing collapsed, but I thought, "I'll just stuff some icing in there, and things will be all right." NOT! I got the duck in position, started to icing it, and I noticed it's head starting to fall. So I held on to it, put some icing under it...and then watched as it cracked near the collapsed wing, and then on the other side, and finally the whole duck just fell on itself! Ugh! Now what? Taylor really needed a cake, you know? So, the best thing I could come up with, in the short amount of time I had, was to used the intact duck's head as a poor excuse for a ball! I was so embarrassed!!! So my poor husband is mopping the floors (we won't mention the comments), while I'm still trying to pull everything together!...finish the food, clean my dirty dishes, change clothes...!! And then I spilled food on my first outfit, so I had to change again...! Anyway, I could go on and on, but don't you just love these kinds of days?!

Oh yeah, and that other round cake I baked for 70 minutes and still wasn't was just plain gross, so that wasn't even an option!!

Below you'll find come pictures with the cake in it, please don't look too close!! Taylor enjoyed it...and we enjoyed hastily made brownies to make sure we could all eat something sweet!!

The Cake!

During Taylor eating his cake and then opening up gifts, we were able to connect with Mamaw & Pappy Pardoe, Aunt Brenda, Mamaw & Pappy Mason and some Durkee boys. Through Skype's video option, they were able to see and talk with Taylor at his party!


Opening gifts from various relatives.
Hope you enjoyed the party.... I'm off to bed and planning for a much better day tomorrow!!


Strings said...

Wow! You had quite a time of things, didn't you? Though, I must confess that I'm glad that some one else operates like I do (Procrastinators unite!) All in all, though, it looked like all turned out well. The best thing about kids at that age is that they aren't as aware of things (such as a duck-turned-to-ball cake) as we give them credit for! :-) Congratulations, after a day like that one, you are officially a Super Mom!

Kara Plank said...

Where do I join the meeting? (procrastinators anonymous)ha. Sounds like it turned out ok, though. Cool that Taylor had his grandparents "there"!