Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ukrainian Church Visit

This past week, we've been involved in SiMO (Summer Institute for Missionary Orientation). On Wednesday night, we took a "field trip" and visited a Ukrainian Church.

Some special points of interest:
* All the ladies wear a head covering. And yes, I wore one in respect to their culture!
* When praying on their knees, they face forward - towards the pew in front of them.
* After prayer, the Lord's Prayer is said in "unison" (for lack of the proper word that I can't think of right now!). Keep in mind, we prayed at least four times!

Check out the photos below.

The lady above just loves babies and kids, so we gave her Taylor to hold. You should have seen her face light up! She doesn't speak any English, but the church people told us that she had five kids and that 22 of her grandchildren go to that church! WOW!


Angie Davis said...

Babies are quite an icebreaker, I've found. Interestingly, the Canadians do that "Lord's Prayer in Unison" thing after prayer nearly every service.

Allen Mowery said...

You know, in all of years as son of the director of SiMo (pronounced "sch'moe") I have never been to that church. I know, it's a shame.

And along the lines of children....yeah, they work as an excellent ice breaker. And they also make you amaaaazingly kool! I mean, I used to be this geeky dope that everyone ignored, but now everybody is friendly, they all talk to me....I'm suddenly the in thing! Thank you, Kylie, for boosting my popularity and my self esteem....