Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

I'm not really much of a sentimental person....but since today is Father's Day, I thought I'd let the three father's in my life know how much they are posting their pictures on my blog!! In actuality, if it wasn't for Father's - where would we be?

To my Father - thanks for raising me in a Christian home and for the sacrifice you and Mom made to send me to a Christian school. Also, thanks for all your help when I bring you all the "odds and ends stuff" to create, fix or help me with my brainstorms! You're the best!!

Hope he enjoys his White Deer Golf Course gift certificate!!

To my Father-in-law - thanks for raising a wonderful son (although you may have wondered sometimes if your efforts would really pay off)!!!

His gift? A nice dress shirt and tie combo!

And to my husband - what a wonderful gift God sent me in you! You've been a faithful and loving companion and now an outstanding father to our children! Thank you for leading our family, by example, to always follow the Lord! Love Ya!!

And yes, part of his gift was a NEW YORK YANKEES hat!! (I'll be sure to let him know that fellow bloggers approve)!!

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