Saturday, June 30, 2007

SiMO Update

Well, this past week has been very busy... We finished out SiMO and now we're trying to catch a quick breather! Some of the highlights included going to a black church last Sunday morning and then visiting a Hindu Temple in the afternoon! What an experience!

The black church was a very refreshing place to worship! The people were super friendly and frankly, put us holiness people to shame! The songs were very uplifting and the message was practical, down-to-earth and convicting! A quote the speaker said, "If we don't have anything at risk, we haven't really given up anything." This is as general statement, but can apply to multiple areas in our lives. What a thought provoker!

I have tons of pictures from the Hindu Temple, but I'll try to limit them to a few!

Here is the exterior of the building. It is still under construction, but is still a beautiful place.

This is one of the worship leaders, who also acted as one of our guides.

During the "worship" service. - playing the organ and drum as acts of service were being offered to the child god.

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Allen Mowery said...

I completely agree with your comments about Cornerstone Baptist. For years I hated going to church, largely because of the dry, stale, Pennsylvania-Dutch worship (can you even call it that?). Our church is definitely more alive than what I grew up in, even if it isn't a "black church."

But we didn't have service at our home church this past Sunday, so we too visited a local "more black" church. While a good percentage of the congregation is white, the pastor is black. It was a very enjoyable service....