Tuesday, November 12, 2013

May 2013 :: Review

So I'm finally getting around to my May review!  It was a busy, but good month.

We celebrated Mother's Day...

(I love my munchkins!)

...And at church, we gifted the mother's with a kitchen towel, a spatula, a packet of American taco seasoning, and a candy bar!

The middle of May brought us a wonderful team of people from Central PA.  They came primarily to help build a wall and some bathrooms at the church in Motozintla, but they also participated in our services here in Tapachula and Santo Domingo and were an encouragement to us as a family.

(The team in Motozintla)

Working, working...

The team was also kind and brought us a special fan for our truck so we could get our air conditioning working again!  What a blessing!  =)

Bro. Brandon and Jeremy trying some
"mentiras" - a thin, rice wafer that melts in your mouth.

 Torrey and Arlene sipping some coconut water.

We sang a special song at our church in Tapachula.

We enjoyed a special meal of mole con pollo (chicken) with rice after our morning service.

The team outside our Santo Domingo church in the mountains.

Bro. Brandon preached a good message there.

We also celebrated Taylor's 6th birthday at church on the Sunday that the team was with us (May 19th).  And if you've followed this blog for any length of time, I have another cake story!**  =)  With the busyness of having the team stay with us, I didn't have time to make a cake.  So we ordered one at our local Sam's Club bakery.  And this is what it looked like when we picked it up...

Crooked borders and "interesting" writing.  Really, it was quite unattractive and not the quality that was advertised!  We spoke to management and they offered their regrets and gave it to us for half off!  Oh well, at that point, we didn't have any other options but to use/serve it!


**And if you need more entertaining reading, you can read the following blog posts about some of my cake stories!  (Taylor's 4th, Kyle's 6th, and/or Taylor's 1st)

Keep watching, the Summer 2013 review is coming up next...


Sheila said...

What a pleasant surprise to see your post! I always enjoying seeing what your family is up too!

Arlene Reinford said...

It is so good as always to hear from you. Torrey just wants to give little Jacinda a big squeeze and have a good romp with the boys but we'll settle with reading your blog and veiwing them on photas for now. Blessings to you as you labor for the Master!