Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Campaña 2013

Wow!  This past weekend was wonderful...and busy!  Our church here in Tapachula held a weekend camp meeting.  We had a full house every service and Bro. Sidney Grant did a fabulous job preaching on the subject of holiness.

On Sunday, we held our regular morning service, ate lunch together, then had a multiple children's dedication service, and then went to the river for a baptismal.  God has been helping and moving here and it is a privilege to see individuals, couples, and families following God and being discipled!

Below are some pics for you to enjoy!

 ( Saturday night )

We were missing a few of our own, but we were thankful a group
from the Motozintla church came to help support the camp meeting.

( Sunday morning - we were packed out! ) 

( Michael and I did the singing for the services )

While we were singing the first evening, I noticed that I seem to have trouble reading Spanish words and music when I'm playing the piano.  Either the type is too small and too far from my eyes, or the light is too dim.  Anyway, I got smart the second night and used an iPad that has it's own backlight.  It worked much better!  =)

( Bro. Grant ) 

Like I said earlier, he did a wonderful job.  We were also privileged to have him in our home.  I'm not sure how much sleep the poor man got though!  He and Michael had way too much fun staying up late "chatting!"

( The children's dedication service )

It was so neat to watch as 12 sets of parents came forward to dedicate their children to God.  What an awesome way to change the next generation to be an influence of holiness in their world!

( "Down by the river..." ) 

The location of this river is beautiful and the water wasn't as muddy as it is sometimes, but the current sure was fuerte (strong)!

( Arnoldo )

He got saved about 6 months ago and the Lord has made a radical change in his life!

( Arnoldo's wife, Julbia )

She got saved around the same time as her husband.  It's been such a delight to watch how the Lord is working in their family!  Although they have been together for many years, they only recently got married in October (more on that in my Fall Review coming soon).

 ( With their family )

Keep this family in your prayers.  The Lord is using them to be a light to their other family members.  Arnoldo's sister recently got saved in one of our Bible studies.  We're also praying for his other brothers  to make a decision to serve the Lord.  "...but with God all things are possible."  - Matthew 19:26

*I'm almost finished with the Summer 2013 Review.  I hope to get it up here soon!


Eric said...

Hey guys, looks like you have been very busy. I enjoy seeing all the pics. Keep up the good work all your sweat and tears and prayers are paying off. See you soon at least Michael. Take care.

Arlene Reinford said...

It is so awesome to see God at work and lives being changed! Thanks for taking the time to post pictures in order for us to see a glimpse into your lives.