Thursday, May 2, 2013

Evangelistic Campaign in Salvador Urbina

While we were home on furlough, several people from a mountain village called Salvador Urbina (aka: retiro) began attending our church in Tapachula and also began new believer studies with our pastors-in-training.  By the time we arrived, some of these believers were ready for baptism.

We held a two day evangelistic campaign (April 18-19) at the retiro with attendees from our churches in Tapachula, Motozintla, Guatemala, and of course, the local village people.

On Friday afternoon we held the baptismal.  It was a neat little spot.  The water was not deep, but it was a perfect temperature and the refreshing mountain breezes were nice for keeping us city folk cool!

Some of the children finding good seats!

A lot of the adults stood on the opposite bank.
And don't tell anyone, but I stood in a few
inches of water to keep cool and get good pictures!  ;-)

Uh-oh!  Someone looks like he was missing his afternoon nap!

↑  Two of Edith's aunts  

Lucy.  What a change has been made in her life!  PTL
She's the wife of Arturo and a sister to Antonio, Humberto, Diana, and Abigail.

Carlos.  The son of Arturo and Lucy.

I looked up from taking pictures and saw these guys with their phones/cameras!  From what we've discovered in our area of the doesn't matter how little money you make, everyone somehow has a tv and a cell phone!  Priorities, you know?

We had another great happening Friday evening during our service.  Rainy season hadn't officially started yet around these parts, so we thought our outdoor services would be "safe."  Yep - you guessed it!  About the time that Bro. Cruz got up to preach, it decided to POUR!!!!  Most everyone grabbed their chair and ran to the porch of a nearby house, while a few others disconnected the sound system, speakers, and keyboard!  After getting settled, we finished the service crowded in the house and porch.  Great memories!

We are so thankful for how the Lord helped us in this evangelistic campaign.  For now, the people from the retiro are still traveling about 45 mins. to our church in Tapachula on Sunday mornings, and Michael and a few others are traveling up the mountains every Friday evening for a Bible Study.  Continue to keep us/them in your prayers, as the one section of road that they travel on has been known to have robbers stopping travelers in recent weeks.

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Eric said...

Glad you guys made it home. It looks like you were met with a mountain of work. It's exciting to see pictures of the new work. Keep encouraged.