Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our First Weekend Back Home

One of the first things we noticed when we arrived home was the appearance of our yard.  It never was anything to write home about in the first place, but now it was barren of grass and had unsightly clumps of weeds throughout it.  This was thanks to a few extremely hot months with no rain, as well as not having it regularly taken care of in our absence.

So what do we do?  On a Saturday when we really needed to spend more time in preparation for our first Sunday back?  Yeah.  We started to turn over the hand...with a the VERY HOT sunny weather...  What were we thinking?!  :-)

 ( I think our beautiful palm tree has about "bit the dust!" )

We finally did get the one section of ground worked over and most of the weeds pulled out before dark.  Just as the sun was setting, we got it seeded, fertilized, and the water sprinkler turned on.  And now a week later, we actually have some little green shoots coming up!  Yay!  Now to get the rest of the yard worked over.

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We had a great first Sunday back in Tapachula.  There were probably 50 people or so there.  It was so nice to see how God has been working in the lives of different ones!

And, they served a delicious meal for everyone after the service!

Sunday evenings we usually head up the mountain to Santo Domingo.  Some of the people who had been attending previously were unable to make it, but we are hoping to see more this coming Sunday.  Everyone else was happy to see us and to meet Jacinda!

 ( Andrea meeting Jacinda! )

( Benjamin and his buddy, Parker! )

Our to-do list is ever growing, but I hope to be back soon with a report from this past week on how our two day evangelistic campaign and baptismal in Salvador Urbina went.  Stay tuned!

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Sheila said...

I may not always leave a comment, but I do enjoy your posts & pictures. May you have a fruitful ministry in Mexico! Keep safe!!!