Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Belated Post

Here's another belated post from the Masons final weekend with us.

We had scheduled a quick trip to Motozintla for another child evangelism seminar.  We all were to leave on Friday afternoon, but Parker got sick and had a fever, so I (Crystal) stayed home with him.

From the reports that were given to me upon their return on Saturday evening, the seminar went extremely well with most of our Guatemalan pastors attending and much excitement among the people.

Below are some pics that were either taken by Barry or that someone took for me on our camera.

The church in Motozintla where the seminar was held.

Participation on Friday night.

Learning a new song, "God answers prayer in the..."

Some of the children smiling for the camera.

Learning a new way to teach a memory verse.

Enjoying a meal on Saturday afternoon.

Learning to paint letters for an illustrated song.

Guatemalan pastors with their new Bible in Felt set.

We really enjoyed having Michael's parents visit us.  Not only did we enjoy precious moments together as a family, but we were also able to share our ministry with them and they in turn, were able to be a blessing to our churches with their knowledge of child evangelism.  Come back any time, Barry and Gertie!

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