Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Belated Post from 1-24-12

On the Tuesday that the Mason's were visiting, we decided to go on a "little" trip to visit a coffee plantation up in the mountains.  Now we had a brochure that said that la finca hamburgo was only 30 some miles away, but let me tell you, it took about 2 and 1/2 hours!  The road out of Tapachula was nice...and paved...  It's also where we stopped to take pictures of this natural arch of bamboo trees.

But then halfway into the trip when we really started to climb the mountain, the single lane road turned to dirt...and it became curvy and VERY bumpy.  The picture below doesn't really do the road justice.  And the bumps weren't helping those who had to use the umm, facilities either, but thankfully we were able to find some decent outhouses at a little school!

La finca hamburgo has a beautiful restaurant overlooking the mountains.  In the far distance, you could also see the Pacific Ocean on the horizon.

A classy restaurant in a relaxed atmosphere.  We chose to sit on the large veranda.

Beautiful flowers were sitting on each table.

La finca hamburgo - the coffee plantation.  We'd love to take a tour sometime.

Young coffee bushes.

Coffee being shelled at the plantation.

Even though the ride was seemingly long, we had a very fun day together (and the food at the restaurant was delicious)!


Stephen and Kezia said...

How beautiful! It looked like a wonderful place to relax. And I can relate with the bumpy roads and needing to use the facilities. It's horrible! =) I enjoy reading your blog and how God is helping you. We pray for our missionaries in Mexico that God will keep you safe!

Stephen and Kezia said...

about the bumpy road and needing the facitlies - it puts a new twist on suffering for Christ. =)

The Dickinsons said...

Enjoyed seeing this post. It reminded us of our dear Colombia. The scenery and the COFFEE! So glad your parents could come for a visit. =)

We're heading back to Colombia this Wed., March 7th, Lord willing.


Anonymous said...

Could you smell the aroma of the coffee in the air? I look forward to your posts on this blog! God bless you and your family.
Brenda Weatherspoon