Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today...I'm admiring the beautiful blue sky!

I'm also thankful for electricity!  Last week around two in the morning, a transformer blew, and we were literally, "in the dark."  It was a very miserable night to say the least!!  No air conditioner to keep us from sweating, and no option to open the windows for a breeze.  (The windows are boarded up to keep out the sun and also to provide a frame for the air conditioner.)  And with the above mentioned things, it was pitch black...and I'm a gotta-have-my-night-light sort of gal!  =)  At any rate, we all survived!

Today...I'm also taking pics of Parker.  He's too cute and growing up too fast!  At 21 months, he has finally mastered the art of walking!  He's been ABLE to do it for a few months, but has never WANTED to do it consistently without our command, until now.

Today...I'm also thinking how long it's been since I last posted!  And so, I'm working on a post about our special New Year's Eve service in Santo Domingo.  Hopefully I'll get that up on the blog soon.

Today...I've got some excited kids!  Why?  Because their Pappy and Grandma Mason are coming to visit on Friday!  While here, they (the Mason's) will be holding two separate Child Evangelism seminars in our churches.  Michael has been working hard in translating the different session materials and handouts, and the Mason's have been working hard creating visualized songs and helps, etc...  We're looking forward to a busy, yet fun time together!

And this, my blog friends, is some of my thoughts today.  And now, I best go get things ready for our prayer meeting/Bible study tonight!


Michelle Durkee said...

About time:) Keep the post coming. Wish I could crawl in some suitcases coming down your way, but think I might be just a "tad" too big:) Love you all!

Dorcas said...

Sure missed you here on your blog!! Glad you're back! One time our electric went off here in Cayman during the night and when I woke up it was sooooooooooo dark and errie. I didn't like it either!! It had been off for several hours and was beginning to get rather warm here in the house. Was very thankful when it came back on :o) We heard Michael's parents were coming down to do some ministry! Hope they have time to visit, too.