Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Service

Once again this year, we held a special New Year's Eve service in Santo Domingo.  It was also a special service in which we celebrated our "new church."  The building you see below, was given to us to use for church - free of charge.  We just have to pay the electric and water, etc...

The people there have lots of plans for this building, but for Sat. night, we were just happy to be in our own building, instead of someone's house.

We were thankful that some of our Tapachula church people as well as some local visitors were able to come.  The service was filled with God's presence.

A very sweet man from Santo Domingo.  Hno. Benjamin helped lead in the service.  He is also currently studying in our Institute Bible classes to become a pastor.

Would you like to listen in as the people sing a praise chorus?


And then, we sang.  You'll notice the below picture (that Kyle took) holds some very interesting faces!  =)  That piece of music Michael is holding was originally laying on the piano, but between the fact the lighting was very dim, and that although I can read Spanish very well, but don't always know what I'm saying, I simply couldn't see a thing and had now idea what words came next.  We ended up quitting the song with some laughter, then Michael tried holding the music - which was almost as bad because he couldn't hold his hands by the third song, he got to sing a solo!!!

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