Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[ Just a Glimpse ]

I'm excited to be starting something new on this blog!

In my pre-missionary days, I always found it interesting to see how other missionaries lived, the things they saw, and sometimes just wondered about the practical aspect of their lives. Now being a missionary myself, I realize we tend to become acclimated to the culture where we live, and only post to blogs the major happenings in our lives and what our respective church is doing. Not a bad idea, but there's probably other people out there, who like me, wants to see more pictures of the whole panorama that makes up our lives in a foreign country.

Thus begins "Just a Glimpse." I will try to post something every Tuesday for this whole year (and please note the emphasis on "try!"). The pictures will be diverse, ranging from: my family, my house, my community, people on the street, where we shop, the places we go, what we eat, etc...anything that I think you might find interest in. I would like to give you a snapshot into our world here in Southern Mexico.

Most of my pictures will have little commentary with them, unless there's a good story behind it. Please feel free to leave questions or comments and I hope you will enjoy "Just a Glimpse" throughout this year!


Sheila said...

Interesting! Do you grind your own coffee beans? Looking forward to your Tuesday posts.

Crystal Mason said...

No, we don't. But, we should! We actually don't drink coffee in our house - Michael likes it, but I don't. The people here serve it all the time, so we really should get in the habit of having some here so we can serve it to them! And according to Michael, the coffee from here has a superb flavor!

Joshua V. said...

So fascinating! I must come down and try the coffee! =)

Barry Mason said...

Very interesting. I like the idea and will be anxious for the Tuesday posts. I like your writing. Always interesting. I tried some Mexican coffee during the Christmas season. It had a wonderful flavor.

Irene Harris said...

I just clicked on your blog to see what you are up to. Tuesdays will be an interesting day. It's interesting to see what you and your family are up too and where God has placed you. I'm thinking it must be hard to be a Mom and in a "strange" place, but with today everyone is just a click away on the internet.