Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy. and Blessed.

It's how I'm feeling today. Happy...and very blessed indeed!

Last Saturday we went to the hardware store to price some lumber for a project we want to do. On our way out the door, I saw a dryer on clearance. "Hmmm..." I thought. "Maybe I ought to check it out!"

You see, I've been wanting one for some time, but they are generally on the more expensive side, so we've just been waiting. Anyway, back to the story. On clearance, this "fancier" model was the same price as a brand new bottom-of-the-line dryer...and then after talking to a manager, she graciously offered to reduce the price by another $100 USD!! Well, that pretty much clinched the deal for us! But actually, the best part is that the entire control panel is in English! Very rare for here, but made me feel happy! Happy and blessed, knowing that God delights in His care of us, even down to the smallest details!

Also, we're very thankful to a special friend of ours who called on Friday, and told us of an unexpected monetary donation coming our way. I believe God prepared the dryer to be on clearance at the same time that we received the money to buy one. Simply amazing how God orchestrates the events in our lives!

Well, now that we tried to clean up some of the tape marks, then got the gas hooked up and the vent run out the window, we're on a roll with laundry! My towels will forever be grateful to be fluffy once again!!!!!!


Kara Plank said...

awww, so happy for you! very blessed indeed!

Eric said...

I'm so excited for you. I remember when I got mine. It just makes life so much easier. God is so good:-)

Anonymous said...

Good News! Good News! I know how hard it is to get things dried in that humidity. And fluffy towels. Wow! That is very exciting and I am so happy for you all! Love you guys and am very proud of ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So that above comment was from your 'lovely' sister-in-law. Sorry it wouldn't take my name.



The Dickinsons said...

OK, Crystal, I know that a missionary isn't supposed to I'll do my BEST not to be jealous that both you and Hannah have a dryer! =) Oh, how I WISH I could have one. (You can read about all the MOLD we are facing on a link off of my blog. We just returned from the USA and besides unpacking, we are having to WASH all of the moldy clothes from our drawers and closet.) That's 7 people's clothes...with no dryer. It wouldn't work to have a dryer in the house where we are living.
I'm HAPPY for you...just please give your dryer a hug for me. =D
We loved getting to go out to eat with y'all this past fall! Fun memories! =)

Beth Stetler said...

i KNOW what a BLESSING having a dryer is. oh, happy day!! :o)