Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Special Service

Two Sundays ago (Feb. 28th), we were blessed to have special services here in Tapachula, Mexico. Our people from our church in Motozintla (2-1/2 hrs. away), from Santo Domingo and Faja de oro, and also from here in Tapachula gathered together. We had about 70 people total packed in our little "church"! Michael preached a good message in the morning, and our pastor from Motozintla preached in the afternoon. Even though it was scorching hot that day, God's presence could be felt and we had a wonderful time worshiping the Lord together!

Below are some picture highlights from the day.

Riding to church.
We loaded up our vehicle and a pickup truck with people.
The Sunday morning crowd.
The ladies serving up some rice, chicken, and mole...Yum!
Some young boys enjoying their lunch.
This little guy is so cute...just had to take a picture of him!
Pastor Javier preaching in the afternoon.


sankey family said...

Great pictures!
Would love to see you when you come out to the Valley, but I think we'll miss you by a day or two. We'll catch up with each other at IHC!

Kara Plank said...

exciting! so happy to see the Lord working and moving as you minister in MX!