Monday, March 22, 2010

Our First Baptismal Service

The Sunday before we left Mexico (March 14th), we were privileged to have a baptismal service where 5 believers were baptized! We took a large group of people from Tapachula, and drove up into the mountains picking up others from Faja de Oro and Santo Domingo.

God's presence was with us throughout the day as we had a short service, then listened to the testimonies of how God had changed the lives of those who were being baptized.

The scenery was beautiful...
A look from above.
There were approximately 50 people in attendance.
Some of the children during the service.

Michael along with the 5 baptismal candidates.
He was originally saved at H.I.M.'s West Palm Beach church in FL, but now is able to be a testimony and witness to his family in Mexico.
Mario Antonio is only 12 years old...but God has changed his life!
In other news...

We have safely arrived in Texas and are awaiting the birth of our baby.

During our absence in Mexico, we will be having several different individuals/families fill in for us while we are in the States for our baby's birth and also for deputation. Right before we left, we were privileged to welcome Jonathan and Renee Springer and their family to our home. They will be filling in for us until June 1st. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers!

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Kara Plank said...

wonderful! Glad you are back in the states and you have Springer's to fill in for you while you are gone!