Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Recent Days...

Many exciting things have happened here recently, sometimes it's hard to know where to start!

About two weeks ago, we were privileged to welcome Bryan Shields into our home to help us with some maintenance and handy-man type work in our new house. He helped us put in ceiling fans, air conditioners in the bedrooms, hang light fixtures, fix toilets and shower heads, paint, and a few other small jobs. For whatever reason, I took no pictures! I really should have, because all my readers would have enjoyed seeing him standing on a nightstand...on top of a dresser, just so he could reach our bedroom ceiling! You see, that's what one does when they don't have a ladder... Anyway, Bro. Bryan was such a blessing to us and we really enjoyed getting to know him.

Also while he was here, he spoke a few words for us in our Wednesday night and Sunday morning church service in Tapachula.
This picture makes me smile! Who knows what great words of wisdom these two were giving our people!
The Sunday night that Bro. Bryan was here, we were going to have him preach up in Santo Domingo. Plans changed slightly with the location, for we all headed back down the mountain to a little village called "Faja de oro." There was an interested group of people here who wanted to have church. The place where we had the service was run-down and the small clapboard shacks around us were barely held together. But, despite the surroundings, the Lord's presence came and met with us. Bro. Bryan did preach (a simple, gospel message about being a Son of God) and Michael translated a sermon for the first time! The Lord really helped him. Between our people from Tapachula and Santo Domingo, we had a total of approximately 50 people there.

Our temporary plans for now include picking up these people from "Faja de oro" and taking them to our Sunday night service in Santo Domingo. This past Sunday night, we crowded 20 people in our Toyota Sequoia for the trip!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing the gospel with hungry people. Pray that the Lord would continue to guide our every step and direction.


Eric said...

Very exciting!! I'm so happy for you guys keep up the good work!!

Kara Plank said...

Wow! This is really cool! I can't believe you COULD fit 20 people in your truck!!! Hope Baby Mason #3 didn't get squished!