Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few Recent Pictures

Yep! We're still alive and well...just not much to blog about.

This picture was taken last week at a banquet here at the school. One of Michael's classmates took lots of pictures of the event, and shared them with us.
There was a chalk artist at the event and this is the finished result with the black lights turned on. She did a beautiful job!
This is just a random picture of some little boys here at our house. For once, they were nicely playing together!


Michelle Durkee said...

Hey, I want to know who the guy is in the top pic with his arm around you, Crystal? He's looking great! Losing weight makes him look younger:) If he feels like me, anything is worth it that does that.
Also, love the pic of the boys. They are so cute in their giggly mode. Can't wait to see them the end of June.(To see all of you for that matter)
Have a great one!
Love ya'll!

PS- Stay away from the "pigs" in your are:)

Karen Walden said...

I was going to comment that Michael looks great too! That's a good picture of you two!

Love the pic of your boys also!

collette said...

I can just hear these little guys giggling! Been too long since I've been able to give them a hug.