Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Church Get-Together

Below are snapshots from a get-together we had after church Sunday night. [And in case you didn't know, we go to the Donna God's Missionary Church on Sunday nights - pastored by Ron & Esther Junod.] We were saying our temporary "good-byes" to Jonathan & Renee Springer who left on Monday for a few months of missionary deputation. If you think of them, say a prayer for them as they have three small kids and many miles to travel and services to speak in.

Jonathan and Renee Springer. (Hopefully she doesn't kill me for this picture...she already complained that I put up all these "bad" pictures of her!!!!)

What else is new? Michael telling a story..................

Joshua Velazquez. I just knew he would appreciate having his picture taken and posted!!
Ron Junod. Cleaning the newly installed tile and carpet after he spilled salsa on it!!
"Mmmmm...what shall I eat first?"
"....I'll just have to use both hands...!"

The men's table...(from L to R)...Ron Junod, Joshua Velazquez, Jonathan Springer, Michael, Fain Morley, Juan Velazquez
Regina Morley and Margaret Velazquez.
Jared Velazquez doing some juggling.


Springer Family said...

Hey! Great pictures! I was told that I had to look at your blog! We stopped at Jeffery & Joy's last night and your blog was a priority this morning! =) Just wait til I get a chance to blog!! =)

Michelle Durkee said...

Taylors eagerness to eat that food makes me miss him a little more. He is so much fun to feed because he enjoys eating so much. Wonder where he gets that from?

Angie Davis said...

Love the new pictures and updates! I thought you had been awfully quiet lately and figured there was a mountain of laundry involved. :o)

Joshua V. said...
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Joshua V. said...

Thanks for the flattering pic! :P I wonder who is going to "kill" you next! haha! :)

Jeremy said...

Does Joshua V have a girlfriend yet??