Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally Something to Blog About

We've definitely been keeping busy around here...and yes, I'm still trying out biscuit recipes! LOL

Today, I had some surprise visitors show up at my door. There are a group of students from a Christian school in Plano, TX who are on a "missions trip" here at RGBI. They have done all sorts of work for the school and now they're volunteering their time to help those who live cleaning houses! And do you know what the only thing I could think of was..."Aahhh, I'll finally have something to blog about!" Isn't that terrible? Actually, the young people did a great job!

They even volunteered to clean up the disaster my kids like to create in their room!! I know my sister-in-law Michelle will cringe to hear this, but we actually let their room go for a couple of days before it has to be picked up! It's a very tiresome job, especially when you have kids who love to dump all the toys out of boxes, take clothes out of drawers, and clear the shelves in their open door closet! Maybe I'm a little lazy, but I hate to have something picked up only to be a mess 5 minutes later!

Here's a few pictures of the kids...Kyle really likes to play out on the playground that's right behind our apartment. He has a playground friend named Carlitos who is around his age - I'll have to get a picture of him sometime.

Taylor - enjoying some frozen grapes!

And to Ann, my mom's co-worker: I heard you were thinking I needed to update my blog...I hope this will satisfy you for... another month or so?! Just kidding!


Kara Plank said...

I'm with ya, Ann! :) Glad to see a new post! (Ann gets onto me about my own blog at times when I run into her at Walmart!)

Anyway, WOW- you are brave to post a picture of the boys' room! :P Michelle will coming down on a "missions trip" of her own! (BTW, send those cleaner-kids my way!)

Michelle Durkee said...

Hey, enough comments about me "behind my back":) I can't help that some of us "enjoy" cleaning and keeping our house nice and tidy 'all the time'. It actually is the only way that I can keep my sanity with the amount of time I am away from home. Oh well, I guess the boys need their 'Aunt Shelley' to come on a "missions trip" and help them in their difficulties. I need to check into that. By the way, I'm kind of glad they messed up their room. At least we know ya'll are still alive that you have a new post. Lots of love.

Crystal Mason said...

Just for some clarification here...I do keep the whole rest of the house neat and tidy 99% of the time. It's just the kids' room that looks like a hurricane swept through!

Hope that makes everyone feel better!!

Joshua V. said...

Glad you clarified, I feel much better! I was getting a bit worried about you guys! jk! haha!