Saturday, March 23, 2013

Up-to-date News's been forever since I posted!  How is it that time can slip so quickly out of our grasp?

I've been wanting to do some "posts in review" so that everyone can be up to date with all the highlights from the past 8 months or so, but I've had a hard time knowing where to begin.  I guess that's what happens when you get so far behind!  =)

For now, I'll just do this short post with the condensed version of our current plans.

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September brought the birth of our baby girl (more about that in another post) and the return of Michael  to the US.  We then spent most of the fall and some of the winter doing deputation services.  The Lord really helped us and we were planning on returning to Mexico on January 16th.

The closer we got to that date, the more Michael was feeling the stress of having been in MX by himself for 4 months catch up with him.  Looking back, he feels that he had been close to having a nervous breakdown while on the field.  After seeking some counsel and advice, we decided to postpone our return to the field until the middle of March.

These last few months have been a time of much needed rest and relaxation.  Michael has felt the hand of the Lord touching him and restoring him to full health.  During the first week of March, he was scheduled to preach a camp meeting at H.I.M.'s hispanic church in Ft. Myers, Fl and so we scheduled our return flights to MX for March 20th. we are still!  Last Saturday night (the 16th), Michael and I were talking about our passports. I knew mine would expire in April and I thought maybe two of the kids' expired sometime this fall.  Upon returning home that night, I checked...and discovered that Kyle and Taylor's passports had already expired in January!  Woops!  Now what?  We were supposed to leave Tues. evening for an early morning flight on Wed.

Michael called the passport center in Philadelphia, but their first available appt. was for Thursday morning (the 21st).  So we called the airlines and told them we wouldn't be making our scheduled flights.

I must say that when Tuesday came, we were feeling a little out-of-sorts!  We were mostly packed and definitely ready to go!  But, we want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit the most.

Thursday we were able to get/renew the needed passports and now we're ready to go again...only we're not sure of the exact date.  We definitely want to follow God's timing for us, so we're trying to patiently wait for a clear answer as to when to leave.  Would you help us pray to that end?

...And I'll try to keep everyone updated better!!! =)

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And just because a blog post is boring without at least one's one from when we were just in Philadelphia to renew our passports.  We took a short carriage ride around the old city.  Unfortunately, we had to do it on the coldest day of spring...or so it seemed!!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture, (particularly Mr. Mason's hat) and I'm glad I found your blog. We are praying for you and for God's direction as you labor for Him.

David Drummond

Dorcas said...

So glad to see your update!! Been watching your blog. Hope you'll put some close-up pictures on of your baby girl. Congratulations!!