Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cruise "Gawking"

Today turned out to be an interesting day! We had to go into el centro this morning, and while we were there, we noticed a few shuttle buses and coaches that had gringos in them! We figured they had came into Puerto Chiapas on a cruise. We decided to check it out.

We drove the twenty-some minutes down to the port, and sure enough, the cruise liner, Statendam (of Holland America), was docked. We were able to park not far away, and then walk almost right up to the ship. We stopped and talked to several people and found out that this trip originates in San Diego, then travels through the Panama Canal and onto Ft. Lauderdale. It then does a return trip back to San Diego.

It was really neat to see the ship up close. Below are a few cell phone pics.

I also looked online and found a few aerial pics of Puerto Chiapas. The red brick docking area (in the upper right of the pic), is where the ship was pulled in at.

Puerto Chiapas and the Pacific Ocean.

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