Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Year (Older)!

Somebody celebrated a special day today!!!

We spent most of the day relaxing, and then this evening, we went to the ocean. It's always relaxing to eat on the beach, watch the beautiful sunset, listen to the pounding surf, and breathe just a little bit deeper!

Here are a few pictures to commemorate the day.

Michael's favorite dish - Shrimp Cocktail w/ a side of french fries.

This little guy was wandering around and decided to join us for supper.

And then I took a few snap-shots of the kids.

(notice his second baby tooth came out the other day)

(ornery as ever!)

(couldn't get this guy to cooperate with me...
...and I just love the little bit of curly hair on top...)

After we came home from the ocean, we had cake and ice cream and Michael opened a few small gifts.

Happy 34th Birthday, Michael!
We hope you had a special day and that you will have many more to come!

Crystal, Kyle, Taylor, and Parker


Sheila said...

Happy birthday, Michael! What a beautiful place to celebrate a birthday. You have a lovely family.

Michelle said...

Was yesterday Tuesday? Oh no, I guess it actually was Friday. Just thot with a post and all:) Kidding, Happy Birthday Michael. (for the 3rd time) I know you had to have enjoyed the beautiful solo redition of "Happy B-day" sung to you by me. Gotta love sisters and sister-in-laws, Crystal. Love you all!

Eric said...

Happy Birthday from Honduras! I hope you all are getting settled back in and that things are going great. Keep up the good work.

David Spivey said...

Happy Birthday, my brother! Just thinking of you all today. Appreciate you and what God is doing through you!

Dreamin' said...

I know I'm a little late :(, but wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday". :) I'm glad you guys are doing well, and we enjoy the updates on the blog. The boys are getting so big! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Andy, Kara, Clayton & Sadie Plank

Benjamin McDowell said...

Happy Birthday, sir! Hope everything is going well!

Benji McDowell