Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Back!!

Sorry for the unannounced blogging vacation...but I don't think I'm the only one!!

Well, I mentioned last time that I would have pics from PA, and since it's been so long, from recent events, too.


I was able to spend some time with my best friend, Kara, who just had a baby! The quilt she is holding is one I made for her and is supposed to match her car seat/stroller.

Clayton Andrew Plank - he's so cute!

Taylor & Clayton - "Car Seat Buddies"

And...after leaving sunny Florida to come home, I was able to "enjoy" wintry weather!

This is a panoramic view from my parents front porch.

I forgot to take pictures of my family - but I really enjoyed being with them on my brief visit home!


The night I flew back to Florida was Michael's birthday. Since his family was all at Sea Breeze Camp Meeting, they had a small celebration.

Most of our time spent in Florida has been at camp meetings. Sea Breeze was no exception. We were commissioned by H.I.M. during the last service.

I sang with my "in-law" family for a special song.
"As For Me And My House...We Will Serve The Lord"

Thank You Melodie for taking the pictures!

We were also privileged to spend time with other members of the Hispanic department from H.I.M....the Reiff's, the Dykes' and the Burch's. Of course I didn't have my camera along for those occassions, so...

I have some more family pictures to post, but since it's getting late and the page lengthy, I'll save them for another day! Adios!


sankey family said...

You're welcome and I'll be praying for you especially over the next few days and weeks, getting ready to head for Mexico. Believe me, I know how it feels. But you will get it all done, and will be on that plane headed to the place God has called you to serve before too long. And then a whole new chapter begins. You're in my thoughts and prayers. See you in Mexico, Lord willing!
Hasta pronto!


~Heather~ said...

I was watching that Hobe Sound evening camp service when y'all were commissioned. It was a special time, and I was praying with the others that God would bless and help you. Like Melodie said, I know the overwhelming feeling that comes with those last weeks and months before y'all get to your mission field, but God is right there with y'all, sorting, packing, selling, while you are saying those HARD goodbyes, etc. =)