Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last Friday while we were in Indianapolis, we got a call from a Penn View grad and fellow classmate. What a surprise! We were able to get together with Jorge and Dorcas (Mann) Garcia and spend some "quality time" at Cracker Barrel!! THANK YOU!!!

And then...if you've been to visit the Davis Doodle blog recently...you'll see a similar picture of "blogging buddies"! I'm not sure if my husband did a better job of making us look young and skinny, but...at least with head shots, we can pretend everyone thinks we are skinny!! Ha! Ha!

I don't know about the "young" part, but we look kind of "studious" maybe?!! Okay...wishful thinking!!


Anonymous said...

You both look beautiful to me

Angie Davis said...

At least your husband was kind enough to do a headshot. God bless that man... :)